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The fastest & most grounded way to make deep cellular shifts to increase your soul-aligned income, watch your savings grow & feel financial clarity and ease.

"I tripled my income during the course!!"


You're done playing small,

it's time to unleash your full magnificent self onto the world.

Money's been holding you back and you're tired of the grip it has on you.


Perhaps you've taken the first step, maybe even a while ago, to make money doing what you love. But the financial stress & pressure is taxing  crushing you.


Or perhaps you're yet to take that step because you know you've got to get your finances in order first and right now it's a bit all over the place.


There are days you feel like you can't handle the pressure of the unknown & others when you're just grateful to have a shot at doing what you what brings your soul alive.


You're putting a TONNE of time into your craft & your clients because you care so much & you're in it for the long game. The problem is, you're not making how much you know you should be.


But you're not afraid of a little hard work, you're afraid of this;


That you'll never fulfil on your greatest potential.


You KNOW in your heart of hearts, you're destined for so much more... but what if it doesn't happen because you never get the money piece sorted out?

Firstly, it's not your fault.

You're a creative spiritual being living in a capitalist world - no one made a rule book for this stuff & you've probably been brainwashed by negative money talk.

Creating your own income & following the call to fulfil on your potential is not for the faint of heart, you know that.


It can also be a lonely journey, thrawt with challenges that make you question who you are, why you came here & what your purpose is.


Far from meaning to stop you, these challenges mean to call you more fully into your power. They're a pathway to build the strength necessary for your next stage of expansion and growth.


They are in fact, a gift, should you rise to meet them.


Now is the time to rise & meet the money challenge.


Your money situation right now is simply a reflection of what you think and feel about money + your actual practical money management skills.


I'm gonna bet no one taught you about all three growing up, or maybe ever.

This program isn't just mindset or spiritual fluff that leaves you feeling amazing but still bewildered at what to actually do practically.

Because mindset alone won't take you the whole way.


We live an a material world where you're also going to need practical skills & a rock solid soul-aligned system to follow.


The Wealth Worthy Journey is a system I developed over years of trial & error to master the art of money. It's a program that embraces the emotional, spiritual, mental and practical aspects of money needed to build sustainable wealth to live your most authentic life.


This is what being rich is. The money to live your most authentic life.


And this program is about removing the obstacles in the way & building the skills for you to build wealth & live the life you're meant to live.


In fact, using this program, I saved $30K in 12 months while I was growing (& actually quit at one stage) my business.   

The Wealth Worthy Program is a journey-of-a-lifetime to identify and overcome your money blocks while teaching you practical skills to thrive.

“I can honestly say that as a creative freelancer with an unreliable income, this online course was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. 


Not only did I uncover and resolve a lot of subconscious beliefs that were influencing and sabotaging my money spending and saving habits, I also learned how to implement practical solutions to get me closer to my specific money goals.


Prior to the course in Jan/Feb 2018, I didn’t have any savings. Since the course, I’ve been on a fully paid trip to the USA!

Marnie, Freelance Social Media Manager

Here's what's inside the program;

Module 1:

Create Foundations For Success

Get crystal clear on where you're at, what's holding you back & where you're going. Lay the foundations for financial success.

Module 2:

Bust Limiting Beliefs

Learn how to re-write your money story and re-wire your brain for financial abundance. Release your money shame & break free of your uncovered money beliefs.

Module 3:

Rich AF Mindset & Self-Worth

Learn how to upgrade your self-worth by focusing on the power of your mindset. Learn to think in a new way, leading to new actions & new results.

Module 4:

Abundant Money Systems

Learn the exact methods and system I created & used to to save $30K on inconsistent income and that others have now used all over the world to actually create the lifestyle they're been dreaming of. You will set up and implement your very own system to manage your money like a PRO (read, living your best life + investing in your future).

Module 5:

Claim Your Worth With Conviction

Create the embodied self-worth needed to claim your worth, charge what you deserve & allow yourself to receive more money, all from the heart. Clear your blocks about receiving financially and getting paid for your work.

Module 6:

Create Your Aligned Future

Learn how to tie all the lessons together for your ultimate life financial roadmap. Learn how to remove your ego, align with the divine & use universal principles to bring your vision into reality.

“Completing Worthy was a huge game-changing rite of passage in which I reclaimed my self-worth and transformed my relationship to abundance. 


By far the best investment in myself I’ve made all year.


I feel like I now have all the resources I need for a lifelong, healthy, magical and practical connection with money. I can’t tell you how great it feels to finally have the skills I was longing for through my twenties. I only wish I could have done this course at the age of 18 or 20.”

Michelle, Women's Wellness Coach


The Wealth Worthy Journey is a 6-module online program to complete at your own pace that includes:


  • 6 Modules

    Released weekly into your members area dashboard.

  • Checklists

    Content summary checklist for each module so you always know where you're up to!

  • 12 Month Access

    Get 12 months of access to these full course materials to work through & repeat anytime you like.

  • Videos

    Easy to digest content in step-by-step videos for each lesson.

  • Meditations

    Deep drop in meditations for deep internal work.

  • Worksheets

    Printable & pdf fillable powerful worksheets with each lesson.

“The Wealth Worthy Journey put on so many light bulbs for me. 


Because it was so holistic, it gave me an awareness of things I was missing even after years of reading lots of money books & doing everything I thought I could to change my finances!


It gave me a community to bounce off and it gave me the exact next actions I needed to take with my money, income & savings to move forward in the way I would like to but had been bewildered about how to do prior.”

Josie, Photographer & Graphic Designer josieharvey.com 

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The Investment

The course is evergreen, meaning you'll get instant access to the entire course.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars and years of time. Let's get this done.

Best Value

$997 USD


$397 AUD


12 Month Access

6 Modules with videos, worksheets & meditations

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

Most Flexible

10x $111USD


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3x Monthly Payments

12 Month Access

6 Modules with videos, worksheets & meditations

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*


If after 14 days in the program you don't feel I've delivered the value promised I'll happily issue you a 100% refund.



The Wealth Worthy Journey comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 💯. My hope is that your life is forever transformed with this course.


Whilst I can’t guarantee a specific outcome for you, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the The Wealth Worthy Journey delivering high level content that will enable you to change your relationship to money and financial outcomes in your life.


So here’s my promise to you. If you’re not happy withThe Wealth Worthy Journey, I will refund 100% of your money within 14 days of your purchase. All I ask is that you send me the course work from Module 1 and Module 2 which you’ve tried, or explain to me what’s not working for you about it to ensure it’s an authentic satisfaction issue. Pretty neat right?

In case we haven't met, hi, I'm Alex :)

My genius lies in helping creators & entrepreneurs turn their financial overwhelm, uncertainty or scarcity into clarity, purposeful goals & a clear roadmap to move forward on the path to their dreams.


I’d like to personally invite you to join me, and other like-minded individuals, on this 6-week journey to clear your known & unknown money blocks, find financial clarity & create a clear path to your purposeful goals & dreams.




Alex, xo

"I felt a sense of being unsure about how to make more money or manage my finances effectively and I wanted guidance & to feel understood, like I’m not a bad person for having financial difficulties..


I actually close to doubled my income while I was in the course. 


So there are a lot of money coaches out there. I chose to do Alexis’ online course because I just find Alexis really relatable and easy to understand. She explains concepts that I’ve heard even a few times before but it just clicks for some reason the way that she explains things and it felt fun! 


I think it’s a great course for anyone to take who is thinking about where they want to go with their finances, if you’re ready to go to a new level in terms of your vision for your lifestyle, your career, paying down debt or creating assets."

Rosa, Project Manager in Blockchain, Melbourne

Before I took this program I was really frustrated with myself because all I experienced in my day to day was lack.


Since doing the program, I’ve noticed so many changes! 


I feel like my life has become literally brighter. I’ve realised how much I have and how abundant I was to begin with and it’s just such a sense of relief. My relationships have improved as well because I’m generally a more gracious & happy person.


What I liked most about the program was it was easy to follow each module.


I didn’t feel overwhelmed by any of the content but I felt like the content pushed me to my edge. All of the exercises were delivered in a way that I really got to see parts of myself that were trying to hide from really trying to break free of the pattern.


I would 100% recommend The Wealth Worthy Journey to anyone who feels like their struggling with their finances, or not even just money, I feel like the Wealth Worthy Journey is about fostering the feeling of worthiness within yourself, the feeling like you deserve more, the feeling that you are enough.

Ava, BodyTalk Practitioner bewellhealthcollective.com 

To you who is still reading... yes, you.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed & alone.

Like you don’t where to start.

Maybe you feel like you’ve already done the work, and it hasn’t worked.

Or maybe you feel fear of disappointment at trying & failing.

Please hear me when I say, it’s not your fault.

If I’ve learnt anything in my life (& from experts), there is no silver bullet.

You’re worried it’s YOU.

And not the process.

And I get that.

God, I’ve felt that too.


I felt that for so long, like;

‘Other people are doing it, it must just be me.’

Have you ever thought some variation of that?


Hey, you ARE enough.

I can ASSURE you.

It’s NOT ‘you’.

You’re just still finding your way.

And chances are, you just never learnt this stuff (like me).

Wherever you’re at, I want you to know, I’m here to help.

I’ll make sure you get this.

I’ll be real.

Things probably won’t drastically change overnight.

You’re probably not going to go from $1k months to $50k months next week.


This is sustainable success, as I like to call it.

It was probably a belief like that (get a $10k month in 10 days) that crushed your precious spirit.

Step by step, you’ll get there.

Just don’t try to build a skyscraper (or empire) without the foundations.

Patience is needed.


So, are you going to join us?

More things people are saying about the program & Alexis

Before doing the course I’d recently going back to full time study and changed from a full-time income to a much smaller one. Being stuck in a ‘Time is Money’ paradigm.


The biggest benefit (and the scariest part) from doing the course was that I took a big step in moving away from my current job and closer to my passion, because I now see how I could afford to.


I definitely recommend The Wealth Worthy Journey, in fact I’ve recommended it to friends already.  I feel like I’ve gained a much larger awareness about my money story and programming as well as practical tools to continue to improve this area of my life.

Stef, Natural Medicine Practitioner, Melbourne

2 Offers

The Investment

The course is evergreen, meaning you'll get instant access to the entire course to complete at your own pace.

**Stop wasting thousands of dollars and years of time. Let's get this done.**

Best Value

$997 USD


$397 AUD


12 Month Access

6 Modules with videos, worksheets & meditations

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

Most Flexible

10x $111USD


3x $137 AUD

3x Monthly Payments

12 Month Access

6 Modules with videos, worksheets & meditations

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*


If after 14 days in the program you don't feel I've delivered the value promised I'll happily issue you a 100% refund.