“I can honestly say that as a creative freelancer with an unreliable income, this online course was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. 


Not only did I uncover and resolve a lot of subconscious beliefs that were influencing and sabotaging my money spending and saving habits, I also learned how to implement practical solutions to get me closer to my specific money goals.


Prior to the course in Jan/Feb 2018, I didn’t have any savings. Since the course, I’ve been on a fully paid trip to the USA!

Marnie, Freelance Social Media Manager

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“Completing Worthy was a huge game-changing rite of passage in which I reclaimed my self-worth and transformed my relationship to abundance. 


By far the best investment in myself I’ve made all year.


I feel like I now have all the resources I need for a lifelong, healthy, magical and practical connection with money. I can’t tell you how great it feels to finally have the skills I was longing for through my twenties. I only wish I could have done this course at the age of 18 or 20.”

Michelle, Creatress of the Request Journey/Soul Rebel Priestess Mastermind michelledabrowski.com

My biggest hesitation in buying the Abundance Planner & Tracker (AP&T) was ‘would it benefit me?’.


After one month of using the AP&T it has changed OMG EVERYTHING in my finance and mindset about money. I have reviewed all my finances and pulled my head of my financial bum. I know to the cent how much I owe, I have a plan in place to pay off everything (except mortgage) ASAP.


As well as a saving plan – both of which are in action. Changed my mindset to one of fear to oh hell I’ve got this – also I actually had far more income than I thought I did… I know, right!


Before the AP&T, I was spending every day fretting and worrying about money. Now I don’t, I know where I am at I am clear. I am free. I absolutely recommend the AP&T, especially to people like myself who work for themselves and do not have a regular income each month.

Jane, Owner/ Stylist HiBrows

I felt a sense of being unsure about how to make more money or manage my finances effectively and I wanted guidance & to feel understood, like I’m not a bad person for having financial difficulties so having a safe environment where I could go to those scary or shameful places was really important.


I feel a lot more confident now, particularly in regards to my capacity to handle my finances and also create positive change because I actually close to doubled my income while I was in the course. I think that’s because I felt a much deeper and more grounded sense of self-worth. 


So there are a lot of money coaches out there. I chose to do Alexis’ online course because I just find Alexis really relatable and easy to understand. She explains concepts that I’ve heard even a few times before but it just clicks for some reason the way that she explains things and it felt fun! 


I think it’s a great course for anyone to take who is thinking about where they want to go with their finances, if you’re ready to go to a new level in terms of your vision for your lifestyle, your career, paying down debt or creating assets.

Rosa, Public Sector at Amazon Web Services, Sydney

“Before I took this program I was really frustrated with myself because all I experienced in my day to day was lack. I felt like there wasn’t enough money to go around and in my heart I knew that wasn’t true! But, I couldn’t really seem to move past it or through it. 


Since doing the program, I’ve noticed so many changes! 


I feel like my life has become literally brighter. I’ve realised how much I have and how abundant I was to begin with and it’s just such a sense of relief. My relationships have improved as well because I’m generally a more gracious & happy person.


What I liked most about the program was it was easy to follow each module. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by any of the content but I felt like the content pushed me to my edge. All of the exercises were delivered in a way that I really got to see parts of myself that were trying to hide from really trying to break free of the pattern.


I would 100% recommend The Wealth Worthy Journey to anyone who feels like their struggling with their finances, or not even just money, I feel like the Wealth Worthy Journey is about fostering the feeling of worthiness within yourself, the feeling like you deserve more, the feeling that you are enough.

Ava, BodyTalk Practitioner, Sydney

I loved working with Alexis, it was easy, fun and insightful. 


She guided me with questions that made me expand my thinking about why I feel what I feel in a way that made me feel completely safe and comfortable.


I definitely got a lot out of the one hour session and now feel confident that I can better achieve my money goals. I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting more clarity on what might be holding them back.

Jamie-Lee, Founder Delectable Tours

My one-on-one session was eye-opening and full of practical tips that I’m confident I can easily implement myself. 


It was clear that Alexis had the knowledge, skill set, and empathetic personality to be providing the personalised service, and above all it felt like she genuinely wanted to help. 


I’m actually looking forward to getting organised and taking back control of my finances.

Marnie, Social Media Manager

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