The Sacred Money & Power Retreat 

Melbourne Retreat ~ Mornington Peninsula

February 14th-16th 2020

for up to 8 women.

⚡ Want to unwind deeply stored money patterns from your nervous system and get your *body* on board with your financial goals?


⚡ Want to explore and land your financial vision for 2020 and activate it with your sexual, life force, creative energy?


⚡ Want to bring healing to your relationship with money, so you can rise to your greatness, through embodiment exercises, loving self-inquiry and the support and encouragement of like-minded sisterhood?



This is the perfect time and space to unlock, clarify and activate your money vision for the big 2020.


Give yourself this gift - take yourself out of your day-to-day to focus on this one crucial area of your life in a retreat setting so you can go way deeper and access groundbreaking shifts that not only benefit you, but also the planet (that needs your creative gifts).


This is an invitation to come together in same physical space with other likeminded, ambitious, soul centred women to explore + upgrade your relationship to money as well as clarify and ground your 2020 financial vision.


This retreat is about going beyond the mental realm, working through the body and accessing higher states of consciousness to access greater clarity and lasting shifts.


Carve out this time to get juicy and connected away from the everyday anxieties of adult life. 

Connect deeply with yourself, money, your vision to call it in and your inner power.


Beyond money, at its core, this retreat is about personal transformation, who you’re becoming and accessing your sacred power.


"Um, that sounds epic, Alex, tell me more..."



This is a retreat for women who want to 'do' money and livelihood in a connected and holistic yet grounded way.


Imagine being with other women who want heart and soul aligned wealth and success themselves and to share vulnerably with each other what gets in the way (that is a whole kettle of healing within itself!).


Imagine entering a sacred container being guided through emotional, embodiment and spiritual processes away from your day to day life to heal your relationship to money, commune with your vision for wealth and bust through your money & success blocks... before bringing it all together with an actionable game plan to implement when you get home.


Imagine walking away more open, clear and grounded about the next calendar year with practices you can implement at home, a real relaxation & deeper healing around money and feeling more deeply connected to yourself and your vision. YAAAS.


Be prepared for fun, play, relaxation and group magic

A good time as well as potent learning and deep shifts... accessing your own inner wisdom.



This retreat is less about practical strategies you can learn at home and more about mindset, embodiment and activation with your sexual, life force, creative energy.


Enter this sacred container and be guided through the inner processes, group learning, rituals and personal reflection.


There will be group sessions, exercises, movement, dancing, reflection time, connection with the other participants and stillness.


We will have our meals together, stay in the same place and we have the same schedule so are we were all on the same wavelength.

"Ok, and what will we do on the retreat?"

✨ Personal ‘hot seats’.

✨ Structured learning classes.

✨ Embodiment (& nervous system) practices & processes.

✨ Sexual energy activation rituals.

✨ Meditations.

✨ Group sharing.

✨ Personal reflection.

In this retreat, we’ll have a particular focus on receiving money. We’ll unlock and further clarify your vision for how practically you feel inspired to make the money you want in 2020 as well as break down emotional, mindset and spiritual blocks to manifesting your vision.

Through the processes, you’ll open your mind, heart and body up to what’s possible and the ways you can create your vision that feel best.

"Love 😍! And what does the retreat include?"


2.5 days of facilitation with Alex Harvey.


✅ A clear structured fairly-packed-but-not-too-packed schedule of classes, hot seats, practices & processes.


Your own implementation action plan to take home.


✅ One personal ‘hot seat’ during the retreat.


✅ Deliciously nourishing meals each day (dinner on Friday, 3x meals on Saturday and breakfast & lunch on Sunday).


Accomodation - various options, more info below.


Babe, your food is taken care of, you’ll know what’s happening, where and when so you can just surrender to the process and get as much out of the weekend as possible.

"Alright, so tell me more, who is it for?"


This retreat is for you if you;

  • Want to have a positive, abundant relationship to money in alignment with the good of all beings.
  • Want to do the embodiment, mindset & energetic work to clarify and crack open your financial vision for 2020 including how you will generate that money.
  • Want to move and processes stuck emotions around money in your nervous system like shame, guilt and fear.
  • Have at least somewhat of a vision for how you want to call in and earn money in 2020.
  • Want to go beyond practical strategies and change your relationship to money via your nervous system.
  • Aspire to be a force of good in this world, raise your own consciousness and the consciousness of the planet.
  • Want to be challenged (lovingly) in all areas - your thoughts and ideas and beliefs.
  • Want to access and ground in your inner sense of power through sexual energy activation practices.
  • Want to walk away with a clear path of actions towards your vision to implement when you get home.


"Amazing! And who is it NOT for?"


This is not for you if you;

  • Want a head-y 'practical strategies' business or money retreat.

  • Are not willing to learn, grow and transform.

  • Think money is bad and evil and you don't want to change that.

  • Actively want to deny uncomfortable emotions and just chase the good feeling ones.

  • Are attached to a victim mindset and complaining.

  • Do not believe your sexual energy is also your life force and creative energy and you don't want to learn how to activate and channel it towards your creative desires.

"What will I walk away with?"


Hun, it is my intention that you walk away with all or most of the following;


A real relaxation & deep healing around money, scarcity and earning from your own offerings on an embodied level.

Open, clear and grounded about the next calendar year, what you're aiming for financially and having had time to reflect on it.

A clear path of actions to implement when you get home.

Money embodiment, mindset & personal empowerment practices you can implement at home.

Juiced up, alive ideas of different channels to bring in money and new offerings.

An expanded field around what’s possible.

Busted through blocks to my own success & money.

Key ah-ha moments.

Feeling energised.

Feeling supported and nourished.

Feeling more deeply connected to yourself, your vision and sisterhood.

The confidence and clarity to implement and work towards your vision when you get home.


I sincerely hope you walk away saying to yourself;

"F yeah, I’m so set on where I want to go, I know I can do it, I’ve just got to do the work now!"

Our gorgeous, lush retreat venue... 😍

"Babe, I'm freakin' IN!

Just tell me when, where, how much?"



14th evening, 15th & 16th of February

(from 7pm on Friday the 14th of Feb, all day Saturday the 15th, all day until 5pm Sunday the 16th)



St Andrews Beach, Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia

If you need a ride with someone just ask as others will be driving from Melbourne.


Investment AUD:

$700 + accommodation*


Payment Plans Available AUD:

$150 deposit followed by 4x $144 fortnightly payments + accomodation*



*PLUS accommodation which will be a maximum of $120. Accomodation options & prices will be sent out once you register and can be discussed on the call.

"YAAAAS! How do I secure my spot? 😍"


I keeping this retreat super intimate, so I'm only taking 8 women.




If you’re at all interested in joining us, book an application call below. Before accepting you into the retreat we just want to make sure you're the right fit to get the maximum out of it and that you're clear on exactly what you'll get out of the retreat.


From there, if you're a fit and you choose to join us, I'll send you details about about how to pay and confirm your spot, YAS!


Click the button below to schedule a 20 min application chat with Alex. 👇

"Anything else I should know?"


The rates above do not include;


✗  Travel to Melbourne

✗  Transportation to the retreat centre

✗  Taxis

✗  Additional food and beverages



Cancellation Policy


There are no refunds on payments for this retreat. Well that was simple wasn't it! Boundaries and self responsibility are both sexy around here 😉

"Hang on, one last thing, who's actually facilitating this retreat?"

Hey babe! I'm Alex.


I'm a money mentor who helps heart-centred soul-driven change makers to earn more, save more & charge what their work is worth so they can live their life in alignment with their highest purpose & potential.


After leaving my high paying job to go out and 'follow my passion', I learned there's a lot more to making and keeping money than simply having gifts you want to share. I also learned that more money doesn't solve your money problems, we have to make inner shifts to either create or sustain the outer shifts we want. (Ever started earning way more but your bank balance stayed the same?).


Since applying myself fully to 'working out money' so I'd be able to have the impact & live the life I wanted, I developed a money management system, The Abundance Planner & Tracker, which is now used across multiple continents.


Oh, and I'm a qualified somatic sexologist with years of experience in and sacred sexuality. 


It is my absolute passion to bring together sexuality work and money work to help you connect with your deepest truth, tap into your inner power and manifest that in the external world.


I am dedicated to helping creators like YOU make more money, have massive impact and do so via what lights you the F up!!


Alex, xo