Queendom Coaching

with Alex Harvey

1:1 Coaching Program to step into your Queen nature and build your empire, movement & impact.


This 12 month coaching program with Alex Harvey includes;

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🔥 Get to the core of what drives your behaviour, pin point your unconscious sabotaging blocks and overcome what holds you back.


💪 Map your clear heart and soul vision to orientate yourself towards daily.


🔮 Accountability and support to live from your genius and take intuitively derived action towards what you'd love.


💥 Create powerful end results beyond what you thought was possible!


💖 Be lovingly held to your highest potential!

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What Alex' other 1:1 clients are saying...

Alex is an extraordinary coach who delivers remarkable results. In each coaching session she uses different ‘Natural Success’ intuition techniques, depending on the choice we’re focussing on, and applies each one masterfully.


Working with Alex creates momentum.  If my choice is stuck and I’m feeling discouraged, her coaching sessions lift me out of my ‘stuckness’ and propel me forward. Even though I have a clear vision of my end result, it is only through working with Alex that I achieve it well before I thought I could. 


Alex has increased my awareness of limiting beliefs and patterns that sabotage achieving my end result. She has helped me to see when I am in my victim circle and genius circle and taught me ways to pursue what I love by choosing where to put my power. Coaching with Alex is exciting, fun, safe, comforting, and mind-blowing… all at once!

Alex Blake

International Best Selling Author & Book Editor

After the death of my sister, the breakup of a relationship, moving country and changing jobs in 2020, I was feeling very unsure of the direction I was heading in life.


I also felt quite ‘stuck’, and that I wasn’t able to have the things in life that I really wanted. I knew I needed things to change, and that’s when I met Alex.


Alex has helped me create momentum in my life, and she has helped me to shift away from reacting to situations and experiences by running my default programming.


I now have my dream job, a great apartment, better relationships with my family and friends, and a much more positive outlook on life.


I would recommend coaching with Alex to anyone else who feels stuck in their life and who is unsure of how create more flow and to get what you truly desire.


It’s also not always clear what you want, and that’s where Alex comes in too – she really helped me unpick what it is that I want in life.

Kate Mills

Visual Effects Production Manager

I was coming out of a pretty gnarly place before my work with Alex. I was stuck in some less than ideal lifestyle choices and lacked vision and direction.


Since working with Alex I feel more authentic that I think I may ever have. I feel like I have both hands on the reigns of my life and instead of waking up anxious I wake up centred and looking forward to my days. 


My passion to share my artistic gifts with the world have been re-awoken and my creativity is off the charts. When I add it all up it's really quite profound how much has changed. I’ve increased my income, savings and feel more well than I have in a very long time.


Nothing I said was judged. Everything I said was received with grace and understanding. She had patience and wisdom beyond her years and I felt completely at ease to be honest and to share and explore my life with her.


Thank you. With all my heart.


Craig Martin

3D Animator, illustrator and painter

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