The Abundance Planner & Tracker

The Ultimate Practical Money Management System

Alex Harvey

Hey there,


Do you want to manage your spending and saving to create a life you LOVE?!


Are you too busy with life to sift through the dollars and cents budgeting strategies?


Bored out of your brains out with financial mumbo jumbo?


Afraid you’ll be stuck in a job coasting or trying to survive while the years tick by?


And your heart’s and soul’s desires slip away…

Then the Abundance Planner and Tracker might be just the thing for you, a system and practical tool to Plan and Track your money for life

My biggest hesitation in buying the Abundance Planner & Tracker (AP&T) was ‘would it benefit me?’.


After one month of using the AP&T it has changed OMG EVERYTHING in my finance and mindset about money. I have reviewed all my finances and pulled my head of my financial bum. I know to the cent how much I owe, I have a plan in place to pay off everything (except mortgage) ASAP. As well as a saving plan – both of which are in action. Changed my mindset to one of fear to oh hell I’ve got this – also I actually had far more income than I thought I did… I know, right!


Before the AP&T, I was spending every day fretting and worrying about money. Now I don’t, I know where I am at I am clear. I am free. I absolutely recommend the AP&T, especially to people like myself who work for themselves and do not have a regular income each month.

Jane Simpson, Owner of HiBrows


What exactly is The Abundance Planner & Tracker?

Think of The Abundance Planner & Tracker as your money compass, showing you exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go and exactly how to manage you income right now to hit your long-term goals.

  • The ABP&T is purpose & values driven budgeting with heart!

  • Enables you to plan and manage your personal finances month after month as well as calculate your goals and exactly how much income you need to make based on your lifestyle.

  • Track & plan (budget) all of your money each month, separated into values driven categories.

  • Everything in the tool is automatically calculated. You just need to enter your goals, budget and expenses!

What's included?

  • Your very own Abundance Planner & Tracker Excel workbook with 4x easy to use spreadsheets to help you set your financial goals, measure your progress and plan and track all of your money each month for the whole year - all categories & formulas are already set up, all you have to do is enter your numbers!

  • Training videos to show you how to use the simple system,  how to customise your Abundance Planner & Tracker if you want to, how to set it up on Google Sheets (in Google Drive) if you don't have Excel.

  • Keep a blank version of the Abundance Planner & Tracker so that you can use it again the next year (and the next and the next...) - in others words, this will have your money tracking covered for YEARS to come ;)

How can I buy it already??

All you have to do is click the 'buy now' button below, pop in your details and your Abundance Planner & Tracker will be delivered straight to your inbox instantly for you to get started claiming your financial future!


Seriously, if you use this once you buy it (which I know you will, right?!) you'll make back your investment in no time - it's such a no brainer if your serious about creating the life you want & being empowered with money.


I cannot wait for you to get your hands on this, seriously, it's changed so many lives already and I personally use it to this day to manage my money and create my financially free future 

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