Hey there,

I'm Alex!

I'm dedicated to helping creators like YOU earn what you want to be earning & get savings in the bank to create the freedom & purpose they crave.

Hey babe!


I'm a money coach and the face behind alexisharvey.com (surprise surprise!).


I help small business owners and professionals earn more and finally hit their financial goals so they can do that overseas trip, save that house deposit and earning their money doing something that meaningful to them.

This whole thing started for me through my own journey with money going from full time employed as an engineer to starting a business.


I pretty quickly realised;

a) I had no control over my spending habits,

b) I needed a totally new skills set to manage an unreliable income,

c) I needed a totally new mindset to hit my financial goals, and

d) the emotions huge role emotions play in the action (or in-action) we take and what a core part of changing your relationship to money they are.


So I went on a mission to work out how I could make money and live a meaningful like while doing work that on my own terms that I love and find fulfilling.

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