I help 💛-centred entrepreneurs & professionals set up structures to manage their money like a boss and change their mindset so they can create what's most important to them in life.

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Freelance Social Media Manager

Hey! I'm Alexis.


I help ambitious 💛-centred entrepreneurs & professionals to make more, save more & charge what they're worth so they can live their life in alignment with their highest purpose & potential.


Four years ago I developed my own money management system, The Abundance Planner & Tracker, which I now teach to my clients and is used all over the world.


I am the creator of the highly regarded 6-week online program, The Wealth Worthy Journey which has seen my students double, triple & even quadruple their income AND savings!

💸 Wanna learn the 3 mindset shifts that increased my income?

Click the button to download the FREE pdf & watch the vid >>